Renovated Home from Early 1900s in San Francisco Finds New Space

Renovated Home from Early 1900s in San Francisco Finds New Space

Giving an old home a brand new makeover is often an effort that involves both smart planning and the just the right space-savvy features. Nestled in a busy neighborhood of San Francisco, this family home was originally built in 1903 and has seen several smaller renovations alter it over the years. But its latest revamp is much more extensive with Red Dot Studio opening up the Bank Street House to usher in more natural light and create a modern ambiance. Wood and concrete create a gorgeous home where the exterior feels classic while the interior has a more contemporary appeal.

New street facade of the revamped San Francisco home from the 1900s

White is the color of choice in here with a neutral color scheme that utilizes wood and white in a nifty manner. Black has been sporadically in the living room and in the dining space with the accents anchoring the open plan area. One room flows into the next breezily and by removing internal partitions, light now flows easily illuminating every nook and corner. It is the upper level of the house that holds the three bedrooms along with other private spaces.

Early 1900s home in San Francisco transformed to add more space
Protected and private entry to the house with plenty of sunshine
Revamped and renovated home on Banks Street, San Francisco
View of the renovated Bank Street House in San Francisco
Wooden upper level of the house with bedrooms
Beautiful rear facade of the extended home with a look at the kitchen, dining and the bedroom above

What was originally a one-bedroom cottage is now a three bedroom…

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