Private Street Façade and an Open Interior Revitalize Mandanila House

Private Street Façade and an Open Interior Revitalize Mandanila House

From the usual array of home renovations in the west, today we move on to the Far East with a fabulous and functional home makeover in Denpasar, Bali. Set on a 320-square-meter lot, the house was in need of a smart makeover that combines complete privacy with an interior that is open to the garden outside. The rare combination of these two contrasting elements was needed as the house sits exactly opposite to a school. This meant that the street façade of the house needed to keep away the noise and the rush while the interior is filled with ample natural light and freshness using a smart hallway and a lush front garden.

Lattice structure made from cement blocks offers ample privacy

The new floor plan conjured up and brought to life by Somia Design creates an open living area with a home workspace, smart kitchen, breakfast bar that can also be accessed from the hallway along with 3 private bedrooms and bathrooms. Modern minimalism is combined with tropical charm inside the house while an entryway with wooden walkway and loose pebbles welcomes you here. Folding glass doors, a lovely accent brick wall and exposed cement surfaces offer ample textural contrast while a custom wall made from cement blocks shapes the new street façade. [Photography: Mario Wibowo]

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Cement breakfast bar and kitchen of the Balinese home
Breakfast bar and coffee zone with foldable doors is also connected to the hallway
Open and inviting ambiance of the house in Bali with a sweeping corridor

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