Private Luxury Ski Resort in Montana by Len Cotsovolos

Private Luxury Ski Resort in Montana by Len Cotsovolos

Designed by Len Cotsovolos of LC²Design Services, this amazing vacation retreat at the Yellowstone Club in Big Sky, Montana is truly spellbinding in every sense of the word. Nestled at an altitude of 10,500 feet and surrounded by the snow-capped majesty of the Rocky Mountains, this lavish home combines exquisite contemporary design with the rustic charm of a cabin-styled winter retreat. Designed to provide those inside with a stunning view of the imposing peaks and snowy slopes at every possible turn, the home has been designed to bring the outdoors indoors!

While most winter retreats and ski resorts go for a more rustic vibe, this stunning house exudes an opulent aura by bringing together a multitude of textures, colors and surfaces to paint a brilliant picture. Large glass windows ensure that the view outside becomes a natural part of the indoors, and that each changing season brings along with it a colorful and vibrant new backdrop.

Entry wih a modern fireplace

Modern entry foyer with a charming chandelier

Elegant lighting installations

Modern living room with ample seating

Rich textures, deep hues, plush furnishings and dazzling, custom-designed lighting create a warm and intimate space that perfectly complements the cold ski slopes outside. Sophisticated and enchanting, the house floors you with its sheer magnificence and unending inimitable aura. Step inside once and you will be tempted to never step out again! Integrating an array of contrasting textures and styles, the retreat truly is a dream home in every sense of the phrase!

Living room of the ski retreat by Len Cotsovolos

Fireplace in the living room with mountain view

Luxury ski resort with modern kitchen and dining space

Opulent master bedroom inisde the Montana ski resort

View of the Rocky Mountains from the master bedroom of the Big Sky retreat

We had the opportunity to talk to Len Cotsovolos regarding the various aspects of this amazing vacation retreat. He shares his unique insight into…

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