Poorly Planned Home in Brisbane Gets a Facelift with a New Pod in the Backyard

Poorly Planned Home in Brisbane Gets a Facelift with a New Pod in the Backyard

One of the main reasons for renovating old homes is their inability to serve a more modern lifestyle along with jaded, poorly planned additions over the years that make them dreary. The case of Yeronga House designed by Tim Bennetton Architects is no different with its previous avatar seeing a frequently flooded rear yard and a home that was poorly lit. With a smart makeover, the home now feels refreshing, modern and cheerful as a white interior filled with natural light welcomes everyone gleefully. But the transformation does not end here as a new ‘backyard pod’ along with curated garden give it a sensational and ‘social’ appeal!

Backyard studio extends the home into the yard while providing natural shade

The carefully planned pod acts as the studio and has a unique, slanting roof along with an exterior in metal and glass. It feels like a natural extension of the house itself and with two different glazed gable ends, there is no shortage of visual drama here! Another impressive feature of the house is the elegant use of movable awning of aluminium battens that can be used to control the amount of sunlight that comes into the house at all times. Beyond this, they also allow the homeowner to switch between complete privacy and backyard views with ease.

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Fabulous Yeronga House in Brisbane with a Studio in Backyard
Movable awning of aluminium battens create a dynamic interior
Sliding glass doors bring ample light into the interior
Entry into the house concealed by…

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