PaleOMG Fashion: San Diego/La Jolla Vacation Outfits

PaleOMG Fashion: San Diego/La Jolla Vacation Outfits

Happy Friday! I’m over here trying to get this post done but I keep getting distracted by online swimsuit shopping. Our one year anniversary trip to Costa Rica is coming up so I have beach, plantains, and bikinis on the the mind! Especially since we just got back from San Diego, where we were just teased with little glimpses of sunshine beach frolicking. We did get some surfing done though, even with the water being only 59 degrees. Wet suits are everything. Anywho, I’ll be doing a post all about our trip to La Jolla and San Diego next week, with all of our hotels, excursions, and restaurants, to hopefully help you plan your own trip in the future!

In the meantime, let’s chat about all the outfits I wore while on this trip! Before we left for San Diego, I wanted to give myself a little bit of color since I knew I would be wearing dresses and shorts…and hopefully a swimsuit if the weather was kind to us. So I headed to Glamour Bar Denver to get a spray tan. I’ve seen a bunch of people post about them and I’m so glad I went because my spray tan was AWESOME! I was so obsessed with it! You’ll see it slow fade as each day going on because we were in wet suits one day while kayaking and another day while surfing. But it was the most even and prettiest spray tan I’ve ever gotten. It makes me so excited about summer! I always get questions about spray tans so I thought I would mention it in case you’re in the Denver area! Love this place!

But back to outfits – this tee comes in 3 different colors and is ultra soft! It’s super comfortable and looks…

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