PaleOMG Fashion: Portland Finds (+wedding dresses)

PaleOMG Fashion: Portland Finds (+wedding dresses)

I’m totally losing my mind, you guys. If you didn’t read my last post, do it. It’s a quick iminapsychopanic kind of post. Easy read. I’m talking all about the home buying process and how much of a crazy stress it is. People don’t warn you about it. Nope. They just all go on, buying houses, keeping their panic to themselves. Not me. No way. I’m spreading that panic everywhere. Sharing it with the world. AHHHHHHH.

Ok, I’ll calm the hell down. But let me explain how I’m losing my mind. I keep forgetting everything. I keep forgetting to send emails, or sign something, or pick up something. Memory = gone. Just the other day, when I was unpacking my suitcase from my Portland trip, I noticed that I was missing a shirt and a leather jacket, both of which I had just purchased a week earlier and hadn’t worn yet. Since I hadn’t ended up wearing them in Portland, I started wondering if I had thrown them in the wash. When the wash showed up empty, I started jumping to conclusions thinking someone had stolen it out of our room. Or out of my bag while traveling. I started thinking everyone was a bad person. I started getting hella pissed. So I called the hotel questioning them. Like a real assh*le.

I left the clothes in the hotel closet. Like a real assh*le. They had the clothes in their Lost and Found. Like good people. Ugh. I hate myself right now.

But back to fashion fridays, because that seems to be the only calm I have at the moment. Shopping is so fun when you’re stressed. All I’ve been looking at online is anything french bulldog related that I…

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