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PaleOMG Fashion – PaleOMG

You guys. I did some dumb shit yesterday. Why in the hell would I eat gluten? WHY GOD, WHY? Stop getting mad at me for saying God. Im real good at saying no to certain foods. Like fast food. Why the eff would you eat that? Come on, man. It’s 2015, get it together. But Christmas cookies? You have to. Nuts and toffee covered in chocolate to make the shape of a cookie?? YES PLEASE! Cake balls?? YES PLEASE! A dip with mystery ingredients in it?? YES PLEASSSSSE!! I pretty much just held my jaw open and let hell break loose. That sounded weird. Erase that. I just didn’t stop eating. Some years I don’t crave those foods, some years I do. I can’t control the time of the month that Christmas falls on. So this year, I just screwed myself over. I ate whatever I wanted, and really regretted it. People continuously ask me, ask meaning yell at me, why I don’t just eat a “regular” donut if I’m going to eat a gluten free one. Well, this is why. I feel terrible. It’s not worth the stomach ache that I get. But I guess it’s just one of those once a year things you have to do. Especially when around other family and friends. Meaning boyfriend’s family and friends. Not all people follow the same kind of lifestyle and I totally get that. So I’m sure as hell not going to be that offensive guest. No sir, no way. I’m still just the girlfriend. And I’d like it to stay that way. So I’ll be happy to eat crap once a year!

Can you believe the holidays are already over?? Geez Louise. They came and went so quickly. I really like that as the years go on, we get less…

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