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Fashion Fridays are finally back! Yayyyyy! I missed 3 weeks because first it was Christmas, then it was New Years (I wasn’t functioning much that week) then I had bronchitis. So this is really the first time in 3 weeks that I’ve even put on real pants. Thank the lawd. I feel much more productive when I actually shower. And it’s nice to finally see friends again

This outfit was an outfit I wore while heading out to dinner with Laura at Cuba Cuba. This restaurant is one of my favs. Especially since they have plantains made a million different ways. AND right now I’m trying to create a Cuban meal for my cookbook, so I needed a little inspiration.

{ White Oversized Hi low Sweater from Hailee Grace Boutique for $54 – similar one here | Trouve Faux Leather Front Leggings for $45 from Nordstrom (similar pair here) | Leather Studded Over the Knee Boots fromModcloth (last season) for $89 | Anthropologie Lunan Anorak Jacket for $248 }

This was probably my favorite outfit of the week. Because it’s the most comfortable and easiest to throw on. Hence why I wore it to a football/poker party. You don’t really need to try that hard for a football party. This top is actually a workout apparel top that is perfect for a night out. When I posted this picture on my instagram, a TON of people asked what bra I was wearing. It’s quite simple people, a sticky bra! Honestly, I wear sticky bras with most of my outfits, I just like it more and like not having to worry about straps. Ok ok, you don’t need to tell me that your boobs are too big or there’s no way…