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PaleOMG Fashion – PaleOMG

Merry Christmas, you lovely PaleOMG readers! I’m guessing approximately 5 of you will be reading this blog post today. All of you other people will be stuffing your face with Christmas cookies instead. Who cares about paleo when you get Christmas cookies once a year?! Am I right or am I right?! I wish I could say I will be one of those people, but since I am hosting Christmas this year, the only cookies I will have at my house are mini gluten free chocolate chip cookies. The only real dessert I’m making is a flourless chocolate cake from my cookbook because it’s my absolutely favorite dessert ever. So I’m hoping to keep my cookie consumption to an all time low this year. Sadly.

But who cares about cookies, let’s talk about outfits! This week was full of all different kinds of outfits because there were all different kinds of events going on. The first one: an engagement. I swear I saw at least 20 people on my FB feed get engaged in the past week. It’s kind of genius, you know, with seasonal depression and all. Watching two of my friends get engaged outside of Union Station sure helped me pull me out of my funk. My outfit included comfy and casual, with a slouchy beanie since I had washed my hair in 4 days. I swear, dry shampoo doesn’t actually work. But washing my hair every day doesn’t work for me either. So slouchy beanies will definitely be happening all winter long. This one is the softest one you’ll ever own and comes in a handful of different colors!

>{ Green Jeans (40% off) | Top (only $20!) | Similar Scarf | Slouchy Beanie (25%…

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