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PaleOMG Fashion – PaleOMG

Good morning!! At the moment, I have a doggy right on top of my hand who doesn’t want me to type, he just wants me to cuddle instead of work. I’ve been gone for a few days out in San Antonio so he’s clinging to me now that I’m back. I left for SA on Tuesday morning and just got back last night so it was a super quick trip. I was visiting Cassy of Fed and Fit to work on a little project together. That project included a sh*t ton of different outfit changes, pounds of makeup and more hairspray than you could imagine. No, I’m serious, my hair is a matted mess. I’m just going to act like it doesn’t need to be brushed. Ignorance is bliss. Does that work here? Whatever.

Here’s a quick outfit I wore before leaving for San Antonio. Honestly, I think I wore it two days in a row…is that gross? Whatever. It was sunny for 3 seconds in Colorado so I enjoyed a day without a jacket! Twice.


{ Similar Pants | Sweater | Similar Scarf | Similar Booties | Similar Purse } onerror="this.parentNode.innerHTML='Turn off your ad blocker to view content'" data-lazy-src=""/>

>My first day in San Antonio meant a bunch of outfits and a bunch of talking on video. And sweating on video. What is it about the red light on a camera that makes the armpits get nervous? Anywho, these were the outfits we started the day off with. Cassy went with a Zac Pose dress and I brought out a two piece that I bought during the summer for my book tour for Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook! I don’t think I’ll ever give up this two piece, it is one of my favorite pieces, no matter what season it is.


>{ Cassy’s Dress | Similar Two Piece | My Drop Earrings }

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>Our second outfit…

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