PaleOMG Fashion – PaleOMG

PaleOMG Fashion – PaleOMG

After spending 8 days in Pittsburgh, I think I’ve lost my mind. Ok, not really. But I forgot my computer charger in Pittsburgh and that computer has my life on it. And my job. So apologies that this is coming to you late. I probably could have gone to the apple store sooner, but sitting on the couch with Jackson was more fun.

I wonder how many people think Jackson is my boyfriend.

He’s not. He’s my dog. My really effing cute dog.

Back to the point of this post. Colorado is not agreeing with my fall needs. I’ve bought many jackets and many fall booties in anticipation of fall and this is how the weather repays me? It’s bullsh*t. It’s 90 degrees outside and I’m still wearing jeans to rebel. I’m miserable, but I’m sticking with my choices. Before I know it, it will be snowing and booties will be worthless.

I think I need to get some Hunter rain boots. I have lots of warm boots for winter, but I always like to buy one new thing for winter so I hate Colorado less through the snow time winter. It’s settled, I’m investing in some Hunter boots. Oh, and really cute socks to go with it.

Now let’s get to outfits. Half of my week was spent in Pittsburgh and half in Colorado. Two different mirrors, totes exciting! First outfit was in Pittsburgh while heading out to a farmers market and doing a little photo shoot. Which meant Hayley from Primal Palate did my makeup! She’s amazing, I wish I could do my makeup like that. And wear fake lashes everyday. Why do fake lashes make someone feel so much sexier? Who knows, but I’m going to start wearin’…

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