PaleOMG Fashion – PaleOMG

PaleOMG Fashion – PaleOMG

>Fall is in full swing here in Colorado. It was in the 70’s or below allll week and I absolutely LOVED it. Because I don’t have to fully wear pants all the time. I can wear slightly short dresses and pair it with booties and it’s totally acceptable. It’s wonderful. I wish it could stay fall all year. Especially since I just went shopping yesterday and ended up only buying long sleeve dress and and skirts. I’m refusing to face that the snow is coming. Because snow is stupid. There is no point in having snow in the downtown Denver area. There are mountains for that. And they are in driving distance. Get it together, Colorado. Figure your sh*t out.

>How exciting is it that all of my pictures aren’t selfies? Really exciting actually. I get so sick of trying to take pictures of myself in the mirror. It’s freaking hard. Especially because your hand shakes. How do people get such good selfies? I try to learn but nothing improves. All well. So whenever my bf is around, I force him to take 20 pictures instead. Poor kid.


{ Comfy Beige T-Shirt from Buffalo Exchange for $15 | Target Junior’s Camo Jacket for $40 | Jeans from Insypre Boutique for $50 by Flying Monkey Jeans | Nextstep Lea in Taupe by Steve Madden for $60 (here is a similar pair) | Inspyre Boutique Necklace for $15 }

>Date night outfit! And when I say date night, that means my boyfriend and I had a night out with my parents. We’re pretty crazy. Dinner and then we saw Gone Girl. I don’t know how I feel about that movie still.


>{ Green Dress from Francesca’s for $40 (last season but…

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