PaleOMG Fashion – PaleOMG

PaleOMG Fashion – PaleOMG

You guys. No selfies this week!! I was super lucky to be around friends every time I dressed up, so I didn’t have to take the uncomfortable selfie pic. Which I love because you can see way more details of each outfit when it’s taken by someone else! Also, this weeks outfit were full of things I found at local boutiques BUT I’ve been looking high and low to find you similar pieces, so I hope that helps!!

>So let’s get after it! This first outfit was worn on a weirdly hot day for fall in Denver. I was heading out to dinner at Acorn with some girlfriends and worn jeans for about 3 minutes before I was sweating everywhere. Because it was 80 degrees. WTF. So I threw on a dress I haven’t worn in year and fell in love with it all over again. This is why I have such a hard time getting rid of some of the clothes I have, you never know when you’ll wear them!


>{ Royal Blue Dress from ModCloth for $50 – similar #1 and similar #2 | Necklace from Pink’s Boutique for $20 – similar one | Gold bracelet from Hailee Grace Boutique for $15| Beige Booties from 2010 from TJ Maxx for $50 (ps one of my favorite pair of shoes of.all.time.) – similar pair | Clutch from Lulu’s for $39 }

>This was an outfit I wore to a Halloween party. I know, I suck at Halloween parties. But it was warm again and I wanted to be girly. Sorrynotsorry. This is also the outfit I sang back up lyrics to in karaoke then stomped home in carrying 2 gluten free pizzas. Man did I look classy.


{ Green skirt found at Common Threads for $30 – similar one | White Slight Sheer Top from…

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