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PaleOMG Fashion – PaleOMG

I need to defend myself. I think some of the world may wonder why I wear scarves so much. And when I say world, I mean no one. But I feel it as my civic duty to defend my scarf wearing ways. You see, even though many studies may refute this statement, I still believe they are wrong: We lose the most heat from our necks. No, not our heads which is the common mistake, but our necks. You know what they say, the longer the neck, the colder the soul. So I wear a scarf as much as possible. I don’t want a cold soul.

I pretty much wear a scarf with every outfit. It’s cold outside but a jacket doesn’t really go with my outfit? Add a scarf.  It’s cold but not THAT cold? Wear a scarf. My outfit sucks and you want to be hip? Put on a scarf, you hipster! Yeah you. I’m not a freaking hipster.

Sorry that I’ve been a bit MIA this week. I’m working on a project in Pittsburgh and my last trip, which was 10 days, gave me 10 days back at home in Colorado before leaving for Pittsburgh once again for another 10 days. That being said, I haven’t had much time to cook, or eat, or workout, or blog or really do anything. But thankfully, I wear clothes every day so I have outfits for you! Let’s be real here, while I’m working in Pittsburgh, I have sweats on every single moment. All I’m doing is cooking and doing dishes so what’s the point in dressing up? Well, there is one point: to not feel like a complete slob every day. Sweats make you forget what real person life is like. And I don’t want to forget that when trapped inside for all hours of the day. Now…

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