PaleOMG Fashion + Makeup Favorites

PaleOMG Fashion + Makeup Favorites

Happy Friday all you lovely people out there! Today is an awesome day because I’ve been home for two solid days, sleeping in my own bed, not having to unpack then repack a suitcase. It’s just been wonderful. BUT I have to leave again soon. This time, it’s all for fun. Every year, my fiancé and I have gone to Lake Powell for a summer vacation, which has been 3 years in a row. This year it just didn’t happen but we wanted to still get a vacation in so we decided to book a trip to Mexico last minute! Turns out Mexico isn’t super popular when the kids are back in school so we got a good deal on our hotel. As soon as we booked the trip, I remembered that swim suits have not been my friend this year. I just haven’t found any I’m comfortable in. UNTIL NOW. I seriously cannot say enough about the swimsuits below. I’ve never felt so good in a swimsuit, so comfortable, and so excited to wear a swimsuit. Never. AND I bought a few kimonos to stay covered up while walking around the resort. No need have allll that hanging out and about while wandering to lunch. No thank you. This is pretty much I’ll have packed in my suitcase to Mexico.

Now let’s talk about outfits from this week. On Monday, I left for LA to film a cooking segment with Home & Family TV to celebrate my new cookbook Juli Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook. This was my first TV segment and at first, I was reaaaaal nervous. Not knowing what to expect always makes me uncomfortable. And not knowing where to park or who to talk to or where to go makes me sweat…a lot. So I did my best to not sweat…

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