PaleOMG Fashion: Instagram Round-Up – PaleOMG

PaleOMG Fashion: Instagram Round-Up – PaleOMG

I can’t believe it’s already Friday!! I would say that I’m excited but I’ve been stuck indoors since Tuesday after a face treatment and I’m still not back to normal. So any fun plans I had tonight are cancelled so I can continue healing instead. I know it’s worth it longterm but DAMN it’s annoying in the process. At least my husband is in town so we can have a date night at some point and spend some quality time with each other!

But who cares about my face looking like sandpaper…let’s talk about outfits! I haven’t done a round-up post since the beginning of October, so I thought it was finally time! And just in case you are still trying to figure out how to shop my looks on instagram, here’s a little run down!

  1. Sign up at
    • Like instagram photos with links
    • Get an email with ready-to-shop product details
  2. And if you want to shop even faster, sign up for the app in the app store!
    • Like or screenshot my photos with links
    • Open the app to instantly shop all links from my look

It’s so easy to see any of my looks that I share! And I hope this explanation helps!

Now let’s kick this round-up off with my favorite outfit…maybe ever! I teamed up with Four Athletics to create my very first pair of leggings! I was able to design these down to the high waist, floral design, 7/8 length, color and material. They don’t show sweat, they are NOT see through, and they fit like a glove! And you can still get your hands on these for 12 more days to get them in time for the…

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