PaleOMG Fashion: Instagram Round-Up – PaleOMG

PaleOMG Fashion: Instagram Round-Up – PaleOMG

For quite some time now, I’ve been sharing all sorts of outfits through a system called because it’s seriously the most genius system everrrrr. How often have you seen someone on social media and loved something what they were wearing, but maybe you didn’t want to ask OR you did ask and got no response. Well with, you don’t have to ask! All you have to do is simply sign up FREE to create a account then when you see an outfit you like on instagram, just ‘like’ that photo and within minutes, you’ll be sent an email with the details of that outfit straight to your inbox! Or you can just log into your account and search whatever person you prefer and shop the looks directly through your account! It makes shopping and finding outfits easier than ever!

I try to share my outfits as often as possible here on the blog, but often times I don’t get to share for a couple weeks so some of the items have already sold out. So be sure to sign up for so you never run into that issue!

Now let’s get on with some outfit inspiration!! I’m truly LOVING these jeans below. They are high waisted so they come up close to your belly button BUT they pockets on the butt sit lower so you don’t get the “mom jeans” look that often come along with high waisted jeans. And these are so soft and stretchy. By far my new favorite jeans for summer since they are pretty thin!

>{ Top (60% off!!) | Jeans | Wedges (9% off) | Hat | Bra | Sunglasses }

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>Just a heads up, this tank top cuts in pretty narrow so unless…

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