PaleOMG Fashion – Instagram Round-Up

PaleOMG Fashion – Instagram Round-Up

Happy Friday!! You made it! The weekend is just a few hours away! But if you’re on the east coast and have been getting bombarded with snow, hopefully you’ve had some snow days to stay inside, make delicious food, and hang out with your favorite people! That snow looks brutal right now…I wonder when it’s going to decide to head our way.

Before I get started on this weeks 14 outfits, I wanted to remind you guys about and tell you about the new app that they just came out with…because it’s SO COOL! If you haven’t signed up for yet, then do it now! It is the best invention since milkshakes. Then once you are a member, you can shop my instagram by simply liking my instagram photos that are tagged with In minutes, you’ll receive an email with ready-to-shop links of all the pieces I’m wearing in that post!

Quick steps to get started!

  • Sign up at
  • Like instagram photos with links
  • Get an email with ready-to-shop product details

But get this, they just came out with an app for Apple users (just search that you can download then shop people’s outfits by simply taking a screenshot of the photo you would like to shop! You’ll be sent a push notification and as soon as you open it, you’ll have the links to all the items right away! No waiting for the email! It’s that easy. With their app and emails now, you’ll never miss out on an item you want to find! It’s such a damn cool invention!

And if you’re ever on my site, you can always shop the the…

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