PaleOMG Fashion + Black Friday Sales

PaleOMG Fashion + Black Friday Sales

If you’re looking at my site today, WELCOME TO THE NEW PALEOMG!! This makeover has been a long time coming. After having a few bumps along the road, I finally found someone that was able to see my vision and create the new site you see today! It’s just like PaleOMG got a microdermabrasion. She’s just glowing now. And is mobile friendly. Google sh*ts the bed about sites being mobile friendly, so BOOM, here ya go! Hope you love it! PS – check out the community tab! That is a forum for you to chat all things paleo, fashion, fitness and whatever else! I recently asked a question in there so I’d love to hear from you!

Now let’s talk about some outfits this week! I’ve sported these leather leggings before with a big chunky sweater. This time I wanted to dress them up so I threw on my favorite plaid shirt and a fur vest. But these leggings could be worn any way you see fit! Just FYI, buy a size smaller than you think, they run a little big!

>{ Plaid Top | Leather Leggings (50% off) | Fur Vest (40% off) | Heels }

>I wore this top before here and wanted to wear it again because it seriously the softest, most comfortable shirt ever. And since it hangs so well, any body shape could wear this shirt and feel comfortable in it!

IMG_8363 IMG_8372

>{ Jeans | Top | Scarf | Booties | Purse }

>Sorry ahead of time for the half naked picture, but I am absolutely ecstatic about my new obsession with Victoria Secret sport apparel. Not only is the fabric amazing, but it holds everything in and makes you feel comfortable while working out. Since I started CrossFit 6 years ago, I’ve always…

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