PaleOMG Fashion + A Look Inside My Bedroom

PaleOMG Fashion + A Look Inside My Bedroom

Does a ‘look inside my bedroom’ sound dirty? It does to me. But that’s exactly what it is! In a non-dirty way. Slowly but surely, after almost a year in our home, we are finally starting to get each room together. Slowly. Decorating a house is expensive! How do people do it all right away? Makes no sense to me. I shared our dining room recently, but I even keep changing it now that the holidays are over. Anywho, I finally have our bedroom ALMOST together (with still nothing on the walls). Be sure to check the bottom of the post!

But before we get to the bottom, let’s go back to last week. When I was in Costa Rica and living in swimsuits instead of wrapping up in jackets. When I posted this swimsuit on IG, everyone thought the top was see through and my nips were hanging out. Then there was some sort of debate about breastfeeding. WTF? This top is not see through, I’m just not tan still. OK?! Stop hatin’ on my paleness bruh! This brand of swimsuit is BY FAR my favorite. It’s the only kind I buy now. So I’m stocking up our upcoming wedding in Jamaica! I’ve linked more suits that I own or hope to own because they seriously fit so so well! And if you aren’t into bikinis, be sure to check the blog tomorrow (yes, a Saturday post)! I’m sharing all kind of amazing one piece swimsuits!

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>Coming back from Costa Rica to Colorado wasn’t so bad with our sunny weather. It must be tough on the East Coast right now. I’m sending good weather vibes your way! Since it was sunny here, I started thinking about…

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