Painless Hair Transplant

Painless Hair Transplant

While discussing pain, we may consider pain experienced by the patient during the surgery and afterwards. Also, as pain may have psychological as well as physical basis, we will show how we address these aspects.

While pain is essential part of surgical procedures in general, hair transplant does not have to be a painful process at all.To be specific, here is hair transplant procedures:

First, there is administer appropriate amounts of medication (sedative). The patient is offered a pill for relaxation. This takes the patient into a relaxed, ‘twilight zone’ state which not only helps alleviate the patient’s emotional discomfort and anxiety, but also minimizes possible pain from the subsequent injections. Whilst in this ‘twilight-zone’ state, the patient remains conscious throughout the procedure. He can follow oral commands and can respond. After some time, patients can even be seen engaged in light chat.
Next, there is begin to apply local anesthesia. Local anesthesia is quite painlessly delivered. This is achieved applying tiny injections of a light anesthetic agent and the finest gauge needles available to make each shot as comfortable as possible.
Next goal is to maintain the necessary level of comfort during the surgery. As the surgery progresses, there is use special techniques, such as Tumescent anesthesia to sustain the patient’s comfort for a prolonged duration of time. This makes the anesthesia last for several hours so that patients stay relaxed during as well as after the procedure. Finally, there is attend to the patient’s post-operative comfort.

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