Old Carpenter’s Studio Altered into a Chic Home with Suspended Wooden Cabanas

Old Carpenter’s Studio Altered into a Chic Home with Suspended Wooden Cabanas

It is adaptive reuse of old structures that gives us some of the most impressive and innovative homes across the globe. And today we go to one such beautiful residence in Montreuil, France, where a 75 square meter old carpenter’s studio has been altered to create a comfortable and ingenious urban home with a distinct identity of its own. Redone and given a totally unexpected interior makeover by Atelier Florence Gaudin, the house now has a series of wooden boxes, some cantilevered above ground, that contain the new kitchen, bathroom and the upper level bedroom of the home. Montre-Oeuil is described by its creator as a home with ‘wooden cabanas’ inside. It would be hard to disagree!

Deck and white exterior of Montre-Oeuil

The exterior of this transformed home is clad in white brick with the window and door frames in black offering contrast and anchoring visually an otherwise all-white interior. It is the series of glass windows that also bring in plenty of natural light with the wooden box structure set deep within the 6-meter tall living area providing all the vertical space that it needs. The entire home feels minimal, contemporary and spacious with white and wood making a grand statement in an understated fashion.

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Transforming a carpenter’s studio into an innovative modern home
View of the upper level and the stairway
Wooden boxes create the bathroom, kitchen and the upper level bedroom
Ample natural light floods the interior of this Montreuil…

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