Obesity before Pregnancy One of the Leading Causes of Premature Births

Obesity before Pregnancy One of the Leading Causes of Premature Births

Premature births are on the rise, and researchers at Stanford University’s School of Medicine may have the answer to this. Medical researchers at this prestigious school claim that their studies reveal pre-pregnancy obesity to be one of the leading reasons for premature births today. This specifically relates to the premature births that occur 28 weeks prior to end of term.

Weight Loss can Ease Premature Birth Scare

One of the ways to look at this piece of news is this – losing weight for obese women is now not just a personal thing. It is also linked to the health of your baby. And when it is obesity we are talking of, there are many techniques available to women today that can help them lose weight fast and have a proper pregnancy. Liposuction is one of the most widely used fat removal methods prevalent in the world today and when done under the right conditions and with expert supervision this has proved to be a failsafe method for weight loss among women fighting obesity. Long a body contouring tool that celebrities used to look ‘forever young’, liposuction can also be a lifesaving tool if used properly.

Until now, doctors and pregnancy watchers have been defining the term ‘premature birth’ as anything that happens in the last three weeks before end of term. But the research by these Stanford medical students proves that premature birth is not only a three-week construct but an important part of it is also the length of the gestation period for that particular pregnancy. And as many health watchers have been worrying for a long time now, obesity plays a major part in determining the gestation period of the fetus.

Largest Population Based Study

The study conducted by Stanford’s medical school branch was the largest study conducted so far that took a look at population based links between maternal obesity and premature births. Researchers from the prestigious university looked at all births in the state of California between January 2007 and December 2009 and finally published their results.

Lipo can help you and your child out before the child is born.

Now that a link between maternal obesity and extremely premature births has been established it becomes even more important for women around the world (certainly America and Mexico – two of the fattest countries) to take care of their health prior to pregnancy. Weight gain is an unfortunate side effect of the sedentary lifestyles that we lead today, and it has begun to reflect on the health and lives of our unborn generation as well.

Pregnancy Help – Lipo to the Rescue

This is where novel weight loss techniques and methods like liposuction will be expected to play an important role in the coming future. As the risks outweigh the benefits of the lifestyle that we are accustomed to now, it is now up to the health conscious to adopt the means available to them to live a healthier life and see to it that their future generations do not face a risk. Liposuction is one of the easy ways by which this can be achieved.

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