North Toronto Residence Gets Awarded for Symmetry and Innovation

North Toronto Residence Gets Awarded for Symmetry and Innovation

We’ve had our good share of stunning houses in Canada with amazing details and mind-blowing features; but nothing compares to this contemporary residence located in a rather posh neighborhood in north Toronto.

The house grabs attention with its interesting contrasts, crisp lines and an emphasized breezy feeling. It was built by Belzberg Architects in 2012, and a year later — this year — it managed to grab the 2013 Ontario Association of Architects Design Excellence award. Why? The images will speak for themselves …

beautiful garden

The first thing that comes to mind when entering the large hallways and the enormous open-space rooms is that perfection can be achieved. Everything is so well organized. From the outdoor landscape that seems depicted from a Photoshop picture to the sophisticated furniture which compliments every room in the house, you’re in a dream place filled with natural light. On top of this, the feeling of airiness blends well with the needed privacy.

residence entrace

At the entrance, a wooden staircase with a unique design is the main focal point. The huge living room invites to a warm and cozy environment where huge floor-to-ceiling windows create a flawless transition between the out and the in. Folks from Belzberg Architects where right on spot to use “large portions of glazing along with clean lines and simple volumetric proportions” to meet the client’s need for a “space with an effortless flow between interior and exterior; in a climate that is not always conducive to this type of habitation.”

Moving to the bedroom and we…

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