Nano-particles for Fat Reduction: the Latest in Liposuction Therapy

Nano-particles for Fat Reduction: the Latest in Liposuction Therapy

Liposuction or lipoplasty – the cosmetic procedure for fat removal and body contouring – has been around since the 1960’s. Developed in Europe and a worldwide phenomenon, liposuction is the last resort for many chronically obese men and women around the world who would like to fulfill their dream of achieving a perfect body.

For many celebrities too, who would like to keep their youthful looks intact at all costs, lipo is the best way to keep the body-perfect. The demand for lipo is so much in these times that experts have to come up with innovative and novel ways of increasing the efficiency of the procedure while keeping the safety factor high.

Gold nanoparticles will be employed by lipo doctors now. Lipo is all about innovation.

Laser lipoplasty was the last big thing in this area of cosmetic surgery, but now nano-particles have been brought in to up the efficiency factor of the procedure.

Room for improvement

Lipoplasty is a well-established science, but like everything else it too has room for betterment. Using nano-particles to better the effects of the procedure could well be the next big thing in cosmetic medicine. Gold nano-particles in particular are very effective in this regard.

Gold particles can be heated up using infra-red light and they even heat up rapidly, and these can then be used to melt and remove fat. Gold nano-particles have been in use since the beginning of the millennium as a potential answer for cancer tissue removal, and using the same technique in liposuction can possibly help surgeons find the answer to some of the problems of the procedure.

Not only do nanoparticles release drugs automatically they help out with liposuction as well. Incredible.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, liposuction was the procedure of choice for Americans in 2013, and procedures worth $1 billion were carried out in the country this past year. But though this process has become the ‘it’ thing for celebs and the body conscious common man it still has its flaws. Liposuction can be performed on select candidates and the results and side effects of the procedure depend a lot on the general fitness and health of the patient.

Also, this is not a selective procedure. So even while it is essentially used to remove fat molecules sometimes the fat removal can be accompanied with removal of connective tissues and nerves. These are complications that expert surgeons are well aware of and this is precisely the reason why it is always advised to have the procedure performed by trained physicians only. Doctors too choose patients for surgery only after trawling through their past medical history and after extreme deliberation.

Nano-medicine is the way to go

With nano-particle assisted liposuction however, many of the problems associated with traditional liposuction can be addresses easily. Not only does nano-particle assisted liposuction halve the time taken for a normal fat removal session, but it also makes it less traumatic and lowers the chances of life threatening side effects. So far, the results seen from tests carried out on animals have proved successful. Now it’s only a matter of time before this revolutionary technology become available to everyone.

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