My Three Outfit Staples While in New Zealand

My Three Outfit Staples While in New Zealand

I can’t believe that this time last week I was in New Zealand. It was truly one of those most magical trips I’ve ever been on. New Zealand is a fairytale land – the people are so kind, everyone is active and happy, and the views are absolutely unbelievable. Oh, and the food is BOMB. And it turns out that they have just as psychotic weather as Denver does. When I was prepping my suitcase for New Zealand, I mentioned packing tons of sweaters and readers reached out warning me to chill out on the sweater packing since it had been so hot recently. Well I’m REAL happy I didn’t listen to them because all those sweaters, jackets and pants I packed came in handy, especially when we couldn’t even land in Queenstown because they couldn’t see the runway from the snow. That was super fun.

And even though I packed all kinds of different pieces of clothing, I found myself going back to the same three items my entire trip – my super warm and cozy Teddy Coat, the most comfortable and flattering Spanx Leggings and easy-to-slip-on sneakers. If you’re heading anywhere chilly, or where the weather is unpredictable, these items will come in handy in more ways than one. And since we stayed in an Airbnb, I was able to wash these leggings and wear them over and over.

PaleOMG - My Three Outfit Staples While in New Zealand

But let’s first talk about this Teddy Coat that majorly came in handy while on vacation. When we landed in Queenstown (the second time – I’ll explain next week in my NZ recap), it was pretty much a white out blizzard. And luckily I wore this coat on the plane in case I needed an extra blanket while…

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