Multiple Gable Roofs and Dark Accents Shape an Exceptional Street Façade

Multiple Gable Roofs and Dark Accents Shape an Exceptional Street Façade

The gable roof is a classic that has been eternally linked with the image of a dream, family home. It is one of the first things that kids sketch in their art classes and even in a modern setting, a gable roof instantly grabs your attention. That impact is only accentuated when you use two pitched roofs, as this gorgeous contemporary residence in Austin does! Designed by Dick Clark + Associates, along with Vinson Radke Homes, the exquisite home has a street façade that borrows from the more classic houses in the neighborhood even while standing out visually!

Unique street facade of Palma Plaza Spec with peaked roofs

Step in and you see an open plan living area that is seamlessly connected with the covered patio outside. Large glass windows and sliding glass doors, a staple in most modern homes these days, make their presence felt even as their dark frames anchor spaces filled with neutral hues. Black has been cleverly used throughout starting from the pivoting front door to the garage and the relaxing bedrooms – life at this 3,300-square-foot residence feels both relaxing and energizing at the same time.

A kitchen in white, wood and gray, a lovely dining room with striking chandelier and bathrooms and bedrooms in white complete this wonderful Texas home where the outdoors gently extend the living space without feeling overwhelming. [Photography: Paul Bardagjy]

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Gorgeous street facade of the home allows it to stand out from the crowd
Dark, framed glass windows connect the…

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