Monday Motivation – Simple Fitness Equipment to Step Up Your Gym Game

Monday Motivation – Simple Fitness Equipment to Step Up Your Gym Game

I’ve worked out in A TON of different gyms in my day. CrossFit gyms, HIIT studios, and globo gyms are all now part of my weekly routine. And the more I’m working out in these gyms, the more I notice certain pieces of equipment that are lacking or missing in their studios. And instead of being annoyed with it, I solved the issue and I’ve purchased those pieces of equipment for myself. You know why? Because Walmart has those pieces at insanely affordable prices so why not? Now I can take these fitness items with me to the gym, get an incredible workout in, and leave them in my car for my next workout. Instead of wishing the gym had something, I solved the problem for myself!

Today I want to talk through some of those simple pieces of equipment because all have made such a huge difference in my workouts. Not only do I feel stronger, but I’m seeing better results because of it! And some of these items cost as little as $13! At Walmart you can find pretty much anything you’re looking for when it comes to exercise equipment. Whether you’re looking to stockpile your garage with all the gear or you’re just trying to get a few extra pieces for quick workouts in your living room, Walmart has your back! And they will make sure you get the best price on the market!

First on my list, this barbell pad. If your gym is anything like mine, it has the same barbell squat pads that have been around for years now. And sadly those pads don’t give much comfort when you’re using them during hip thrusts. I do hip thrusts 2-3 times a week and I have felt at a standstill…

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