Monday Motivation – Short Term vs Long Term Goal Setting

Monday Motivation – Short Term vs Long Term Goal Setting

When people first start working out, it’s usually with a short term goal in mind. Maybe they want to run a race, or lose 20 pounds, or fit into a specific pair of jeans. There is usually an end game. And that can be super helpful and motivating in that moment. But what happens after that short term goal is attained? OR what if it is never attained? What if the race is cancelled or the jeans just never fit quite right? How do you continue to motivate yourself when those goals will never be reached?

When I first started working out in high school, my only goal was to be skinny. And when I didn’t see what I thought was skinny day after day, it made it really hard to stick with working out. I would go in every day thinking that this day would finally be the day that changed my body forever, then the next morning I would wake up looking the same and be devastated. This made sticking with working out super challenging. Since I was only concentrating on the short term, it felt like nothing I did truly worked.

Fast forward to the next stage of my life – CrossFit. This was another time in my life that I only cared about the short term. I cared about the number on the barbell, the number of pull ups I could get, and the next competition I could get into. I wanted to make it to the CrossFit Games and that was the only thing that mattered to me in the moment. I cared about the short term and I would do anything to get there, even putting my health in jeopardy along the way. Then once CrossFit competitions weren’t on my radar anymore, I felt lost once again. That…

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