Monday Motivation – How to Master Double Unders

Monday Motivation – How to Master Double Unders

If you’re not jumping rope during workouts or at least for a warm-up, well it’s time to start! Jumping rope is THE BEST! It improves coordination, burns calories, improves bone density, and it can even help improve brain function! But if you’re like most of America out there, you probably haven’t jumped rope since elementary school. I remember LOVING Jump Rope for Heart in elementary school when we would jump rope all day long. But I quickly gave that up as I became a teenager and thought everything was stupid. So when I picked up a jump rope once again in 2009, it was like starting from square one. I felt uncoordinated, awkward, and I had constant slashes on my arms from the rope. It was hella frustrating, So you know what I did? I started practicing. Every.Single.Day. I would finish my workout then turn up my music and jump rope was 15-20 minutes. And slowly, I got better. Who woulda thought?!

If you’re just getting started with jumping rope OR you’re looking to get better at double unders, I’m here to help! Be sure to check out the video above first! Then we can go through all the tips in more detail!

  • First – GET YOUR OWN JUMP ROPE!! Stop trying to use other people’s jump ropes or the ones that are already at the gym. They weren’t cut to your height and that means they will be harder to work with. Jump ropes are cheap AF, so just buy one. You’re an adult, you can do.
    • I can’t tell you what jump rope is going to be best for you, but I can tell you that they are all pretty affordable, ranging from $6-$30. When I first started jumping…
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