Monday Motivation – Five Beginner Kettlebell Movements

Monday Motivation – Five Beginner Kettlebell Movements

If you are new to fitness or just getting into trying some new movements in the gym, today I’m going to walk you through five different kettlebell movements and how to properly perform each one! If you’ve never added kettlebells to your workout routine – you should!! Not only will you get a mix of cardio and strength when you use kettlebells, but it will help improve balance, flexibility, and working with kettlebells will burn a crap ton of calories! And all you need is one piece of equipment! I have a few kettlebells in my own home and they make workouts easy and versatile, all while in the comfort of your own living room!

If you want to get in a full body workout, kettlebells are where it’s at! Almost all kettlebell movements will incorporate your entire body. From engaging your core, to squeezing your butt, to pressing overhead – the kettlebell helps you work hard from head to toe! So before I get into each movement, check out my video below that walks you through 5 movements to add to your routine!

Russian Swings – This is one of my favorite movements that I think everyone should work on first and foremost. Russian swings (going to eye level instead of overhead) works your shoulders, back, hips, glutes, legs, core, and arms with every swing!

  • How to perform: With shoulders back and chest tall, hinge forward with your knees slightly bent bringing the kettlebell between your legs, then use the hips to drive forward in an explosive movement. Think about this movement as a hip movement instead of arm movement. You want your glutes to do the work the…
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