Monday Motivation – Considering All Five Pillars of Health

Monday Motivation – Considering All Five Pillars of Health

I recently released my 3-Month Power Program & Meal Guide (trumpets sounds and screaming erupts…meaning my own). And when you download the Power Program, you’ll find an introduction that talks about what I consider the five pillars of health to be. And the reason these are important is because if not all five things are looked at and something is drastically missing, it’s close to impossible for you to be the healthiest version of yourself AND you won’t get the most out of the program, or any program if I’m being completely honest. If you want to get in shape, feel your best, wake up with energy, be excited for what the day has in store, and continually feel this day in and day out – then all five pillars need to be stable.

Now this first pillar will come as no shock – your diet. If you eat shitty food, you will feel shitty. You may not even know you feel shitty until your diet changes. But I promise you – if you’re eating fast food, drinking soda, rarely touching a vegetable, and never considering where your protein source is coming from; you DEFINITELY can feel better than how you feel now. Changing your diet is key. And it doesn’t have to be this obsessive, crazy perfection that diet and fitness culture tells us it has to be. Here are a few changes that will start you in the right direction. It’s not about perfection, it’s about make small changes at first for a more sustainable longterm change  –

  • Cut OUT or at least cut down on your soda consumption, even if you’re drinking diet drinks. They are just as bad. Seriously.
  • Start…
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