Monday Motivation – 5 Minute Abs

Monday Motivation – 5 Minute Abs

You know that saying – “Abs are made in the kitchen” well it’s true. Annoyingly true. Yes, genetics play a big factor in how the abdominal muscles show through, but if your diet is sh*t, it’s incredibly unlikely those abs of yours will be poppin’ (especially as we age). You can do all the sit ups, all the crunches, all the mountain climbers in the world, but if you don’t eat clean on a regular basis, it will be tough to get that six pack you’re dreaming of. I once had a friend ask me how to get his abs to show through and when I told him to quit drinking, he called me a b*tch. The truth hurts.

I’ve always been a person who has a smaller waist and can get my abs to show through (just how my genetics are), BUT that is only the case when my diet is clean 90% of the time. For me, a clean diet means staying away from alcohol (only 1-2 drinks/month, if that), staying away from sugar as much as possible, and staying away from food that causes inflammation for me – gluten, too many gf grains, nuts, and eggs. When I stick with this clean eating routine, abs show. As soon as I don’t, they are suddenly gone. Even after 1 day of drinking in Mexico (where I currently am), the abs are gone because of the inflammation from alcohol. I say all this as a friendly reminder that diet is SO FREAKING IMPORTANT. I think most of us know at this point that diet is a huge factor when it comes to physical changes, but I like to remind everyone in my posts since I have my remind myself of that, as well.

With all that being said, a strong core means strong lifts. If…

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