Monday Motivation – 30 Minute Upper Body Workout

Monday Motivation – 30 Minute Upper Body Workout

Good morning and happy Monday out there! It’s a stressful Monday over here because my poor little pup Jackson may be heading in to neck surgery today. He has an MRI scheduled for later this afternoon and if the vet finds something wrong (which he believes he will), he will be heading straight into surgery from there. So scary and so crazy. But since there is nothing I can do and I won’t be able to see him today, I will be keeping busy! And I’ll be starting my Monday morning off with an upper body workout! Which reminded me of one I did the other day when I had hardly any time to spare. Brian and I were taking shifts at home while we took care of Jackson and I was able to sneak out of the house for a hot minute to get a workout in. I didn’t have time to waste and I wanted to get the most bang for my buck. So I made this workout up as I went, I was done in under 30 minutes, then I was SO SORE by the next day.

A few things about getting a good workout done in under 30 minutes:

  1. Keep the warm-up short. Since you have limited time and the upper body muscles are near as big as the lower body ones, you won’t need near as much of a warm-up. All I do on these limited-time days is jumping jacks, arm circles, bench dips, push-ups, and a quick plank. This gets me warm enough that I know I won’t pull or strain anything once I go into the workout.
  2. Push the weights. If you want to get the most bang for your buck (why do I keep saying that?), you gotta push it in the weight department. I want you to feel like you can barely do your last reps. I want it to burn and…
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