Modern Japanese Home for an Elderly Couple

Modern Japanese Home for an Elderly Couple

Elegant, uncomplicated and showcasing a blend of western aesthetics and classic Japanese design, A Warm Final Residence designed by Takashi Okuno perfectly accommodates the needs of its elderly residents. With a gray and white exterior, the exterior of the residence paints a contemporary picture. Step in and it is a more classic Japanese style that takes over. Warm wooden tones can be found everywhere with an open living area connected to the central courtyard outside. A small wooden deck extends the living room outside while sliding doors delineate space and offer privacy when needed.

Contemporary home in Japan for elderly couple

It is the living room / dining area that becomes the heart of the new house. Since both the homeowners had contrasting needs in terms of heating and cooling systems, the architects found a delicate middle ground, keeping the interior at a stable temperature through top-notch insulation. A flood of natural light illuminates various rooms of the house cutting back on the need for artificial lighting during daytime. Minimal décor, built-in wooden benches and a neutral color palette create a harmonious and inviting atmosphere. [Photography: Shigeo Ogawa]

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Entrance to the modern home in Japan built for elderly couple
Contemporary courtyard and small wooden deck of the Japanese home
Living room of the Japanese home connected with the wooden deck outside
Series of plants in the dining room bring greenery to the modern Japanese home
Sliding doors…

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