Minimalist Aesthetics Define Resort-Style Private Perth Residence

Minimalist Aesthetics Define Resort-Style Private Perth Residence

Taking the classic colors of the coastal style and revamping them to suit a minimal, urban setting, City Beach is a private residence in Perth, Australia that will forever alter the way you view a beach house! This exquisite contemporary home designed by Cambuild & Banham Architects takes advantage of its unique topography and coastal views while ushering in an ambiance that is inspired by top-notch luxury resorts. Sleek, sophisticated and serene, the fabulous house employs an all-white backdrop, allowing pops of color and the view outside the windows to paint the interior in a dynamic and elegant fashion.

The street façade of the house offers complete privacy, even as the large glass windows and sliding glass doors open up the rear of the house to the view outside. A lavish deck space with an outdoor dining area, a barbecue zone, a simple lounge and a refreshing pool is the real showstopper of the luxurious house. Extending the living space outside, this expansive deck offers unabated views while staying visually connected with the dining space and the kitchen indoors. Housed on the top floor, this level also contains the living area.

Wall art adds a touch of blue to the home

Sleek fireplace blends in with the minimalist style of the home

Large deck space outside connected visually with the kitchen and dining

Dark chairs and a wooden dining table bring contrast to the minimalist setting

Bespoke design and a resort style ambiance shape the contemporary Perth home

All-white contemporary kitchen with large glass windows

Stacked sliding glass doors take the living area outside!

Outdoor lounge, barbecue area and dining of the City Beach House

Pop of yellow for the simple outdoor lounge

The various bedrooms of the house spread across different levels embrace the same resort-inspired style, with decor and bedding adding pops of purple, blue or green. A few furnishings such as the wooden dining table and dark dining table chairs bring a touch of contrast in a home that is otherwise dominated by white and neutral hues. Smart lighting and a flood of natural light further elevate the appeal of…

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