Managing with Large Facial Pores

Managing with Large Facial Pores

Large pores can be a real problem, especially in the summer when you are more likely to perspire. The pores in your face secrete oil and when enlarged the more the oil will collect, giving you a “shiny” appearance, which is why women go to powder their nose a lot.

Reasons vary as to why some men and women’s pores are larger than others. Genetics play a big role. Oily skin is hereditary. Another significant factor that affects the outward appearance of the skin and pores on your face is loss of elasticity as you age. With the loss of elasticity pores dilate, causing them to enlarge.

Once you have established that you do have larger than average pores, you can take steps to minimize them. A good facial cleansing regimen is a key factor to keeping pores minimized. When the skin on your face is freshly washed, pores minimize leaving your face clean, taut and firm but not dry. If your cleansing regimen dries you out, it is a good idea to use a moisturizer. Enlarged pores due to lack of a disciplined cleansing regimen are more prone to acquiring dirt and debris, causing a break out of blackheads or small pimples.

Another excellent product for minimizing pores and keeping the face clean and free of oil and dead cell build up is an astringent. A cool astringent applied to the face with a soft cotton ball after cleansing will exhilarate your skin, leaving you looking and feeling refreshed and renewed. A regular astringent regimen can also greatly reduce your pores from looking so enlarged and is a great way to give your face a deep cleansing treatment. By adopting a regular astringent regimen, along with a good facial cleansing regimen, the oil, dead cell build up and debris will be kept to a minimum.

Touching your face is also a definite no-no. During the course of a busy day your hands come in contact with so many objects that leave your fingers soiled with germs and bacteria, which is why it is so important to wash your hands, a lot. But no matter how clean you keep your hands it still is not a good idea to touch your face with your fingers. This can irritate the skin, especially if prone to larger pores. The combination of open oily pores, dead skins cells that have accumulated, and the heat and oil from your fingers is lethal to the health of the skin on your face. Your fingers will cause a flair up and can be the start of a break out, leaving you with pimples or worse, acne, and no one wants that to happen.

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