Luxury Vacation Home For the Rich

Luxury Vacation Home For the Rich

Intended to be a vacation home, this next house is now a permanent residence. The Zephyros Villa in Pomos, Cyprus is a stunning house that offers the comfort of a vacation home and the necessities and stability of a permanent house at the same time.

The design of Koutsoftides Architects was thought to embrace the surrounding environment, so that the owners can enjoy all the elements and the beauty of nature. The house is divided into two separate areas by inserting a patio and a swimming pool in the middle. The architects’ focal point was the harbor of Pomos, which is now the main view of the house. Moreover, the house has a sliding roof that retracts to unveil the sky.

The color palette is varied and you can see some funky finishing touches, that give the house flavor. The furniture is very modern and is highlighted by dazzling light fixtures.

All in all the Zephyros Villa is a good example of how to combine a retreat with a permanent home.

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