Luxurious Decor and Minimalist Overtones Shape Stylish Perth Home

Luxurious Decor and Minimalist Overtones Shape Stylish Perth Home

Cheerful, contemporary and innovative, the Appealathon House by Grandwood by Zorzi in Perth, Western Australia is a stylish modern home draped in extravagance. The unique façade of the home combines a variety of textures, thanks to the dramatic use of glass, wood, concrete and stone. A smart, private entrance leads to the lower living area of the house that also features a guest suite, along with other public spaces. An unassuming living area with plush, modern decor, an all-white kitchen with wooden accents and an elegant dining space complete the living zone. Opening up towards the deck space outside, the area is enlivened by ample natural ventilation.

A sculptural timber staircase with glass railing becomes the focal point of the home as it connects various design elements inside the classy residence with panache! The tranquil pond underneath the staircase adds to this captivating ambiance while providing an interesting and delicate balance of elements. The fascinating staircase leads to the top level that houses the master suite, along with the kids’ spaces and the bathrooms. Gray and white are the dominant hues inside the home, giving the interior a tranquil and minimalist vibe.

Street facade of the contemporary Appealathon House in Perth

Trendy contemporary living room with a sleek fireplace

Plush Eames Lounger at the heart of the living room

Small decck space extends the living space outside

State-of-the-art kitchen in white with beautiful lighting

Perfect design of kitchen island leaves enough space to work at the counter

The ambiance inside the urbane residence seems to be inspired by the design style of top-notch luxury hotels, and the presence of polished, glossy surfaces adds to this appeal. Complete with a private balcony, alfresco dining and a dynamic indoor-outdoor interplay, this exclusive home in Perth brings together form and function with plenty of flair!

Kitchen and dining room open up towards the outdoor

Dining table chairs in black offer visual contrast to the room

Elegant staircase with glass rail and wooden steps steals the show

Luxurious bedroom in neutral hues with a pop of orange

Restrained use of wood in the posh bathroom as an accent addition

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