Luxurious Contemporary House In South Africa With Sculptural Design

Luxurious Contemporary House In South Africa With Sculptural Design

One of the challenges of designing that perfect contemporary home is to combine style, functionality and the specific demands that each project brings along with it. Located in Carlsworld, Midrand, South Africa, House BER has been designed by Nico and Werner van der Meulen to bring the outdoors inside while giving the homeowners ample privacy and the right security. Since the architects could not use burglar bars for the façade, a unique and inspiring metallic frame was designed that also doubles as an artistic addition. Combining stone, glass and metal in an extravagant and ingenious manner, the house stands tall as an inspiring work that blends art and architecture!

House Ber stands out visually right from the get-go, as its street façade paints a stylish, sculptural picture. One of the key features of the house is the way it brings different textures and contrasting elements together as indoor water features and open patios define the overall silhouette of the residence. Large glass doors offer seamless connectivity with the patio and the extensive backyard, while marble and Caesarstone surfaces give the interior a posh, luxurious appeal.

Large cantilevered boxes enclosed by black steel bars shape the South African house

Large glass walls offer seamless connectivity with the outdoors

Gorgeous decor from M Square Lifestyle Design add class to the home

Expansive living space of House BER with a double height ceiling

Bright yellow accents enliven the contemporary living room with dark hues

Beautiful living room that embraces dark black tones

Amazing lighting installations are proportional to the size of the spacious room

Water feature outside becomes an integral part of the living room

View of the living room of House Ber from the top level

Spacious dining area and kitchen complement the glamorous living room perfectly

Sleek, modern fireplace and casually placed wall art lend sophistication to the room

Sculptural additions in the living room bring in grand geometric contrast

The sophisticated living area with its high ceiling is a perfect example of how to use black indoors while keeping the space airy and inviting. Bright yellow accents spread throughout the residence add some much needed color, and a large dining area and stunning contemporary kitchen complement the living space elegantly. The indoor water feature is the central focal point around which every public…

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