Los Angeles Broken Ankle Attorney

Los Angeles Broken Ankle Attorney

Broken Ankles are Very Common

People in Los Angeles are very athletic and are on their feet everyday. The ankle is an imperative part of the leg, where if someone suffers a broken ankle they will be unable to perform many of their common daily tasks. Broken ankles of Los Angeles residents are very common because of the constant movement and stress placed on the leg, knee, ankle and foot.

Ankle Anatomy

The ankle is a joint where three (3) different bones connect in the lower leg. There are also various ligaments in the lower leg which hold the various leg bones in place. The ankle joint is surrounded by membranes which form a joint capsule, inside of which is fluid which works as a lubricant so there is no extreme pressure on a person’s joints.

Bones Making Up the Ankle Joint

There are three (3) main bones which make up the ankle joint. These bones are the tibia, fibula and talus. The tibia bone is also known as the “shinbone” which comprises the inside of the human ankle joint. The second bone which makes up the ankle joint is the Fibula bone. The ankle Fibula bone makes up the outside of the ankle joint which is a small bone comprising up your lower leg or calf. The third bone making up the ankle is a bone called Talus. The talus bone is the middle part of the ankle joint.

Causes of Broken Ankles

One of the most common causes of broken ankles are slip and fall accidents, trip and fall accidents, slipping on an escalator, and motor vehicle accidents. The resulting broken ankle accident may result in a small ankle injury or a major broken ankle injury with severe broken bones, such as an open fracture.

Some of the major causes of broken ankles include extreme forces on an ankle, such as falling into a hole, twisting your ankle, rolling your ankle inward, rolling your ankle outward, over-extending your ankle, over-flexing an ankle, construction site accidents, and even repetitive overuse.

Treatment of Broken Ankle

The severity of your broken ankle will greatly determine what remedies and treatment your doctor or physician can provide for your broken bones. If your ankle injury is severe, you may be required to have surgery on your foot which may prevent you from walking for a few months.

Broken Ankle Symptoms

One of the most noticeable symptoms of a broken ankle is extreme pain in the foot, ankle and leg. Generally the ankle pain will feel worse when pressure is applied to it or if it is moved to the normal physical extremes. The general pains may be felt around the foot, the side of the foot as well as other parts of the leg, including the knee.

Los Angeles residents may also experience tenderness around the broken ankle. Also depending on the severity of the severity of the broken ankle, there may also be substantial swelling, serious bruising, foot numbness, ankle numbness, ankle deformity as well as not being able to put any weight on your ankle or foot.

Contact A Los Angeles Broken Ankle Lawyer

A Los Angeles broken ankle lawyer will help you receive medical attention for your broken ankle injuries. Our Attorneys will help you receive medical attention if you are experiencing severe ankle pain or you are unable to apply pressure on your foot.

As it generally takes four (4) to eight (8) weeks to recover from a Los Angeles Ankle Fracture, it is important that you contact a Los Angeles Broken Ankle Attorney to assist you in recovering for your damages resulting directly from your broken ankle injuries.

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