Let Your Inner Glitter Shine This Season

Let Your Inner Glitter Shine This Season

Is it seriously Thanksgiving?! I honestly have no idea what day it is since I’m in New Zealand at the moment where it’s 20 hours ahead of Denver. So really, it could be Thanksgiving or I could be totally wrong. But fingers crossed I did the simple math right. Because you know what Thanksgiving day means other than stretchy pants? It means Black Friday is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to load up on gifts, on unique finds, and even something special for you!

Because let’s face it, even though Black Friday sales are perfect for gift giving, they are even better for finding unique items that help you shine from within throughout the year. And right now Express has everything you need to let your inner glitter come out for the world to see. They have loaded up this year with all sorts of sequins, velvet and bright colors for any special event you may have planned. Whether you’re going to a Friendsgiving or a work holiday party or you’re going all out for New Years Eve, Express is here to make sure you look as good as you feel throughout the end of the year!

PaleOMG - Let Your Inner Glitter Shine This Season

As you’ve probably noticed, I’m pretty obsessed with Express. It’s my go-to site and store for pretty much everything I need for my closet. Before I left for New Zealand, I placed a huge order with Express because I knew I would need a ton of different layers and those layers needed to be extremely comfortable. And that’s what is so nice about Express – you can find extra soft, comfortable t-shirts and hoodies, but you can also find style that demands attention. Like…

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