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Las Vegas Dog Licensing Rules and Licensing

In Las Vegas you have to license your dogs. Dogs that are not licensed will be fined for each day passed without a license. In addition to a fine, dogs are confiscated by law enforcement officers. So if you don’t want to leave your dog, you have to follow your dog and if you want to have a dog in Las Vegas.

In Las Vegas, dogs must be licensed for dogs older than 4 months. If your dog is older than 4 months, you will definitely need a license. This rule has been established for the safety of the city and human health. It is aimed to minimize rabies and infectious diseases that may be transmitted from dogs.

Las Vegas dog licenses are held annually. Dogs and dog owners whose licenses are expired are required to send their vaccination certificates to the authorities. You can purchase your license online for $ 2 if you have already received your vaccinations and other certificates and your documents are available. You can send your certificates by e-mail or fax to the authorities immediately after purchasing the license.

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Las Vegas Nevada Dog License Fees

A fine of $ 5 will be charged for each day when the license expires. Therefore, we recommend that you renew your license before your license expires.

There are wage differences between neutered dogs and non-neutered dogs. The unfertilized dog license is charged at $ 25.00 per year. The annual fee for neutered dogs is only $ 10.00.

In addition, prices vary for dog owners aged 65 and over. If you are over 65, the annual license fee for a non-neutered dog is $ 15.00 If you are over 65, the annual license fee for a neutered dog is $ 5.00

The purpose of dog licenses is to encourage the creation of a sterile environment. So there are fines and license fees.

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