Kickin’ It Old School in Adidas Originals

Kickin’ It Old School in Adidas Originals

>I remember when I got my first pair of Adidas Originals. I was in 8th grade and I thought I was the bees knees. Then a girl threw a milkshake at me and ruined them, reminding me that nice things were meant to be purchased once middle school ended. Scratch that, once high school ended. Luckily, my terror of an adolescence is long gone so now I can wear all the Adidas I want. The only thing I have to worry about now are the spills I have in my own kitchen. But those stains are much easier to get out compared to a milkshake. Speaking of milkshakes, how good does that sound right now? I’m currently melting in the Montreal heat and that sounds miraculous.

PaleOMG - Kickin' It Old School in Adidas Originals

Something I love about Adidas Originals is that everything is so comfortable and can be paired in different ways for a sporty or a more casual look. You can wear an Adidas hoodie with a comfortable pair of jeans for a casual Friday look. Or you can wear an Adidas tank to the gym with your favorite leggings for more of a fitness look.

>For this post, I decided to step up my sporty game and buy a dress that is both comfortable and causal, but also versatile! You can dress it down like I did with a hat and sneakers or you can throw on a cardigan with a pair of booties for more of a fall look! And now that Nordstrom has the newest collection of Adidas Originals, it’s easy to find comfortable sporty looks and step them up with other Nordstrom brands! I personally love pairing the Adidas Originals line with Treasure & Bond, a Nordstrom exclusive brand. I’ve found so many affordable pieces with Adidas and…

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