Inspiring Others Through the Holidays

Inspiring Others Through the Holidays

If you’re a person who works out on a regular basis, I want you to take a step back in time and remember the days before you were comfortable in the gym. For me, I was SO INTIMIDATED of the gym before I started going on a regular basis. Intimidated to the point that I didn’t go. Sometimes I would even walk in the gym and leave within 5 minutes because I felt so uncomfortable, nervous, and scared. Exercise or anything health related was super foreign to me and because of that, I ignored it for as long as I could. Until I couldn’t anymore.

Going to a gym if you don’t feel fit or knowledgable with working out can hold a person back. And when they can’t pull themselves out of that insecurity and get going, someone in their life has to be there. And that person’s life can be altered by simply feeling supported and inspired on a regular basis. And that’s exactly what I hope to do here on the blog. I hope that my dedication to fitness and taking better care of myself inspires other to do the same. Because sometimes we all need a little extra support in our life.

PaleOMG Inspiring Others Through the Holidays

I’ve been lucky enough to have many support systems through the years. I had a boyfriend in college who introduced me to CrossFit, I had coaches and workout partners who I trained with daily throughout my competitive years, then I had friends along the way who would text me to meet them at the gym that night. But my greatest support system has been this blog. By supporting others here on the blog, it supports me to keep pushing day after day, year after year. I want to continue to improve and…

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