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Innovative Ways Which Brick and Mortar Stores Leverage Technology

When consumers consider technology and the digital economy their first thought is to online shopping. And while it’s true that online stores are the most prominent users of technology, in no way is the use of technology limited in this way.

Smart Mirrors

Have you ever taken items into a changing room and wished that you were able to easily compare them against previous items you tried on? How about what they item would like in a different color? With smart mirrors, this idea has become a reality. Leveraging technology, department stores are employing technology such as this to allow their customers to display previously tried on outfits immediately beside, and overlaid onto a reflection of their current choice.

Location Aware Search Results and Offers

Out and about running your errands and in need of local produce? Business listed with search services are displayed on your mobile device, including directions and opening hours. Looking for a discount at a department store? A quick search provides numerous offers and discounts for giants like Macy’s via their Groupon Coupons page. These location-aware searches are powerful tools which can engage potential customers in close proximity to their physical location.

In-Store Maps and Suggestions

Large furniture stores are no exception, many of which now provide an app which customers can download onto their phones which provide an interactive map along with item suggestions as they roam the store. Customers simply input the item they are looking for, and technology takes care of the rest.


While most customers take these for granted, providing customers with easy access to confirm the price of items as they roam the store has become one of the most popular uses of technology used in a brick and mortar store. The benefit of this technology is its adaptability. While, during their introduction, these scanners simply showed the price of the item, integration of larger screens has enabled stores to display offers. For example, a customer who scans a shirt can be shown the price, then be displayed an offer which advises them a second shirt can be purchased for a 50% discount.

While many analysts called technology the end-all for brick and mortar stores, savvy business owners and marketers began to turn the brick and mortar model on its head with a full embrace of technology and the benefits it has to offer.