Ingenious Modular Home in Brazilian Atlantic Forest Embraces Green Living

Ingenious Modular Home in Brazilian Atlantic Forest Embraces Green Living

The Atlantic rainforest of Brazil is one of the last places where you would expect to find a home that is as unique and contemporary as the ARCA House designed by Atelier Marko Brajovic. The sustainable and planet-friendly house was designed to impact the landscape it sits in minimally even while offering all the necessary modern. The house has been crafted using a special alloy material called Galvalume that was created by combining carbon steel and aluminum with zinc. The material has been used to fashion a wonderful dome-like exterior that can tolerate the humid weather conditions even while keeping both construction and assembly costs down.

Sustainable ARCA home in Brazilian rainforest with innovative design

Thanks to the modular design of the home, it can be entirely assembled on a lot in no more than just a week and the special alloy exterior is combined with steel beams and wooden planks to create a comfortable family home. Each house like the ARCA can be easily disassembled when not required and the materials can be used down the line for the construction of a new home. This not only makes this eco-friendly residence affordable but ensures that wastage of materials is avoided completely.

Dome like design of the house gives the interior a unique appeal
Elevated platform of the house holds the eco-friendly house
Galvalume modules help shape the sturdy exterior of the house
Large walls of glass and windows bring natural light into the spacious, woodsy living room
Long balcony of the house offers delightful views of the rainforest around the…

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