Imaginative Décor and Accessories Sparkle at Lindhurst Residence in Texas

Imaginative Décor and Accessories Sparkle at Lindhurst Residence in Texas

A Neutral backdrop is a feature that is all too common in modern homes, and the Lindhurst Residence in Texas is no different, as its walls are clad in simple white. But that does not mean this 5,000-square-foot private residence is devoid of uniqueness or personality, as it is carefully curated furniture, custom décor pieces and of course nifty accessories that give it an aura of its own. Crafted by WernerField & Joshua Rice Design, the living room here is filled with plenty of natural light, as sliding glass doors connect the interior with the view outside.

It is white drapes that add another layer of functionality to the large glass doors, as they combine privacy with unabated views and even aid in filtering the sunlight on hot summer days. Move beyond this and you will notice the use of a stone accent wall that veers away from the contemporary narrative and yet seems to fit in with the modern setting all too easily! It is the wooden décor pieces, though, that clearly steal the spotlight here, as they usher in textural and geometric contrast without ever disturbing the serene ambiance of the home.

Relaxed and modern living room of Lindhurst private house in Texas

Abstract art piece adds color to the neutral interior

Plush daybed and twin chairs craft a cozy conversation nook

Wooden side tables add geometric style to the Texas home

Woodsy decor add another layer of texture to the unique interior

Combination of drapes and glass doors offer smart ventilation and privacy

A series of smart conversation zones and reading nooks that showcase timeless décor pieces, fabulous modern wall art that brings a splash of color, and fun decorative elements complete the engaging interior. Relaxing, uplifting and original, this is a house that combines several different styles with a smart ‘modern-minimal’ sheen. [Photography: Robert Yu]

Interesting collection of accessories inside the modern Texas home

Table surface and chairs add a hint of rustic charm to the modern interior

Smart decor pieces add personality to the contemporary Texas home

Gorgeous sidetable with midcentury style

Craft a classy reading nook with confortable lounger and a simple side table

Timeless decor pieces bring class to the spacious Texas home

Bedside lighting idea that is simple and minimal

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