Ideal for Living & Entertaining?

Ideal for Living & Entertaining?

Architects from KB Design together with developers from Abstract Developments are in charge with what you’ll see next. Dubbed the Armada House, this 5,299 sq ft is located in the Ten Mile Point/Wedgewood Estates neighborhood of Victoria, British Columbia in Canada.

The reason it got our eyes is its ‘out of the ordinary’ abstract design that makes it look like it was sculpted in place. A real distinct presence, the place impresses with its contemporary lines. The wood, the steel, the stone, and all the glass work it embodies, all help creating a beautiful balance and an amazing flow between the indoor and the outdoor.

We won’t say much more about it, except that it has amazing terraced decks with stunning ocean views, eye-catching modern floorings along with curves, angles, lights and modern furniture that delight the eye. Is this the ideal home for living & entertaining, or what?

Images by KB Design, via HomeDSGN.

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