How to Treat Cystic Acne?

How to Treat Cystic Acne?

Acne, a very common skin disorder found in teenagers and people in early twenties is caused by plugging of pores of hair follicles. It is an overgrown form of a pimple and it keeps developing until it is full of bacteria and dead cells. After reaching this stage, it starts paining and this is when we call it cystic acne. In order to find out how to treat cystic acne we need to have a look at a few procedures that is used to cure acne.

Isotretonoin: this is a highly effective and perhaps the easiest way to treat cystic acne. In fact it is retinoid in the form of capsules. It goes deep into the system and treats the over production of oil by oil glands. Normally it takes a few weeks before cystic acne is cured. This drug is administered orally and is known to be very useful for this kind of acne.

This procedure is usually backed up by topical treatment as well. The over the counter lotions speed up the healing process. However there are a few side effects which need to be taken into consideration before going for this treatment. Pregnant woman are not recommended to go for this treatment. It affect the fetus badly, therefore expert medical advice should be sought before going for this treatment.

Treating cystic acne take some extra precaution especially if you are taking some oral medication like the one mentioned above. Among other side effects of this treatment are muscle ache, lips and eyes going dry and in some cases chest pain. Usually it is not recommended to go for it if some medication is already going on.

Finally I must say as opposed to common misconception, washing your face again and again serves no purpose. Rather it further dries the skin of surrounding area which aggravates the situation instead of curing it. Using natural anti acne cream made of natural ingredients is more effective than washing it with soap and water.

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